Essential oils - Geranium

Type - Stabilising, balancing and nurturing. 

Note:- Middle

Blends well with:- bergamot ; lavender ; citrus oils ; chamomile ; patchouli ; basil ; clary sage ; rosemary

Aroma - roses

Plant properties: - Calming and relaxing

Uses:- Traditionally used to support nervous and circulatory systems, its strength lies in its ability to revitalise body tissues. A balancing oil that is said to work well on mind body and spirit, lightening the mood it is good for anxiety, stress and mood swings, easing frustration and irritability. With a harmonising effect on the mind and emotions it is great for treating stress, and useful for treating injuries, speeding healing. It helps with premenstrual tension, and is good at balancing hormones. It is very good for skin conditions such as eczema it is also good for sluggish, congested and oily skin. Both uplifting and a sedative when used in the bath it is both refreshing and relaxing. Geranium is also a natural insecticide; in medieval times it was planted around cottages for protection. Whilst being quite neutral, geranium does lean towards YIN so blends well with many oils and is good for both dry and oily skin.

Aromatic effect on the mind:- Lifts the spirit and eases nervous tension, and may release negative memories and emotions.

Spiritual influence:- It asks that you be more loving and accepting of yourself, and helps diminish fears of commitment, abandonment and love.

Chakra:- Throat and Heart, this oil may balance the root chakras and solar plexus

Chakra Colours:- Pink and Green

Benefits:- Promotes clear healthy skin; naturally repels insects; gives hair a healthy vibrant glow; eases tension.


  • Oil specific - Do not use in pregnancy. May cause skin irritation
  • General - As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted or in the eyes or mucus membranes. Keep away from children. Do not take internally. Always perform a patch test to an insensitive part of the body (of essential oil diluted in an appropriate carrier oil) if using an essential oil for the first time.