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Our soaps are all handmade in rural Gloucestershire, using the traditiional cold process method, made from 100% natural butters and oils, using only pure essential oils

If you have never used handmade soap before you are in for a treat, your skin won't feel tight after using as all of lovely naturally produced moisturiser, glycerine, remains in the soap.  These soaps do not foam as much as commercial soaps due to the lack of chemicals, which are added by manufacturer purely to give a heavy lather.  Your skin will be cleansed and moisturised naturally.


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We advise the use of a soap dish to allow your soaps to drain and dry between uses, increasing their longevity.

The handmade nature of our soaps means that no batch will look identical, each soap is cut, finished, decorated and wrapped by hand and will be no less that 100g but are often more.

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