Hygge (pronounced Hu-Gah)

Hygge is a Danish word which has no English translation, the closest we can get is 'cosy' but hygge also means having a good time and fun in cosy surroundings.  The concept of hygge is fundamental to the comfortable home translates, in decor terms, into : a dominant fireplace and a comfy spot in all corners.  

The art of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive.  Enjoying life's simple pleasures, a coziness of the soul.  The danish concept of coziness created when enjoying good food, drinks and fireside times with dear friends and family. The complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of soothing, gentle things.

Hygge is not limited to being inside, it also includes nature, getting out and about enjoying your natural surroundings, having picnics in the crisp winter sunshine wrapped in blankets drinking hot chocolate, and mugs of nourishing soup after a long walk in the countryside, or sitting on beach or a field in the summer with a camp fire toasting marshmallows and watching the sun going down.

Candles - the epitome of Hygge, create a cosy space with candles. Any time of the day or night the glow of a natural candle instantly creates a mood, at breakfast tea lights with uplifting scent such as grapefruit can give you a lift to the tart of the day, during the day you can light candles to suit your mood, in the evenings lavender, orange, ginger and many others will relax and rewind you, not to forget patchouli or vetiver when you want to create a sensual atmosphere.  Use candles made from natural waxes such as soy and jojoba which are much kinder to the environment when burned, and for the ultimate use candles scented by pure essential oils.

Enjoy what you have - home grass is always the greenest, you don't need the latest gadgets, the most up to date TV or the latest kitchen.  Care for what you have, it is part of your home and contains your memories.  Before making a purchase think, are you doing this for you or for others to see when they visit and if it's the latter will your visitors think less of you if you don't have the latest items, if they will do you really want then in your home and should you care anyway.  Some of the most hygge homes have well worn squishy sofas covered with blankets, and mismatched china from years of keeping what isn't broken, these homes encourage you to relax.  Be content, but of course if you really want a new item and it's for you not for show there is no problem with buying it.

Connect with nature - we are normally in a more mindful and relaxed state when close to nature and not engulfed in technology, get out and about visit forests, the countryside or event the beach.

Snuggle - cushions and blankets, preferably made from natural materials like bamboo, cotton or wool create a comfortable and cosy environment.